The International Congress on Natural Medicine gathers the most influential thought leaders, Researchers and Clinicians in the Natural Medicine industry to equip Natural Healthcare Practitioners with the knowledge and tools to provide optimal health outcomes for their patients.

From tuning the complex hormonal network to mastering the microbiome, or advances in neurology and psychiatry to breakthroughs in cardiovascular disease, each year, Congress brings the highest calibre of expertise from leading global Researchers and Clinicians, unveiling the latest in scientific discoveries to everyday healthcare Practitioners.

Hosted annually in various beautiful locations throughout Australia, Congress provides the perfect blend of research, innovation and passion, in an atmosphere where new concepts and ideas merge with high level science, and ultimately changes the way Natural Medicine is practiced. The event sees a vast array of like-minded Natural Healthcare Professionals attend, including Naturopaths, Integrative GPs, Pharmacists, Herbalists, Chiropractors, Dieticians and more.

The International Congress on Natural Medicine has earned itself the title of the most significant educational event in the Australian and New Zealand Natural Medicine industry.


1999: Anti-ageing

Dr Robert Goldman

Dr Peter J D'Adamo

2001: Neuroendocrine Dysfunction

Dr Jeffrey Bland

2003: Immune and Inflammation

Dr Jeffrey Bland

2005: Obesity and Stress

Dr Jeffrey Bland

2007: Neuroendocrine

Dr Jeffrey Bland

2009: Chronic Pain

Michael Fenech

2010: Strategies for Successful Weight Loss

Dr Loren Cordain

Dr Patrice Cani

Dr Deanna Minich

2011: Disorders in Children

Dr Kenneth Bock

Dr Deanna Minich

2012: The Support of Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

Dr Jeffrey Bland

Dr Dwight McKee

Professor Susan Clark

2013: The Problem of Chronic Infection

Professor Garth Nicolson

Professor Alessio Fasano

2014: Digestive Health and Detoxification

Dr Eleanor Rogan

Dr Michael Stone

2015: Advances in Cardiometabolic Health

Dr Mimi Guarneri

Dr Jeff Volek

Dr Mark Houston

2016: Advances in Neurology

Dr Felice Jacka

Dr Sonja Lyubomirsky

Dr Dale Bredesen

2017: Mastering the Microbiome

Professor Susan Prescott

Dr Michael Ruscio

Professor Rob Knight

2018: Functional Endocrinology

Dr Tania Dempsey

Dr Sara Gottfried

2019: Modern Epidemics: Practicing Tomorrow's Medicine, Today

Dr Kara Fitzgerald

Professor Satchin Panda

Dr Cristina López Vicario